Our Vision & Core Values

Our Vision

To become The Premier Platinum Distributor that provides exceptional customer service with zero defects.

Our Core Values

The list of core values below is what we believe is truly important to us an an organization.  We believe that these values are non-negotiable, unchanging, & the core of our company culture.

  • Family

    We appreciate and celebrate families and the different dynamics represented in our company.
  • Trust

    Trust between us and our customers is paramount as they are our most important stakeholders. We consciously work to insure that this trust is strong and improving.
  • Honesty

    Is not negotiable and is an expected attribute throughout our company.
  • Communication

    Clear channels of communication between our teammates, vendors, and our customers, while challenging, will set us apart from our competition.
  • Accountability

    The method that we use to evaluate and improve all other of our core values.
  • Change

    We embrace change every day as we strive to maintain the balance between consistency and freshness in all areas of our business.
  • Respect

    Respect, for everyone we interact with daily, creates an atmosphere where service is more than just a word- it is "our way" of doing business.
  • Profitability

    Profit gives us, in a tangible way, the reason that we provide healthy opportunities of employment to our teammates and superior levels of service to our customers.

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Although much has changed since 1962, we remain dedicated to you, our customer, and helping to guide you through this ever-changing industry.

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