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We believe training is the key to staying ahead in our industry. There are several levels of training we provide so that you can achieve all of your goals.  Through PPG MVP we offer proven business solutions that help build & maintain your business.

Here are a few of the classes we offer in conjuction with PPG.

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New Advanced Estimating

Knowledge, skills and information for the professional estimator are the foundation of this class. Repair professionals are dealing with amazing advancements in vehicle technology and professional estimators must know how to locate accurate information quickly. Having the right information must be accompanied by the knowledge to construct an accurate estimate and repair file that accelerates the repair process and exceeds the customer’s expectations. This class will explore how to master the skills needed to have detailed and specific documentation to facilitate payment consistently from work providers. Case studies and estimating exercises result in an engaging learning experience. Advanced Estimating is continuing education for today’s collision repair professional.

Green Belt Training

The curriculum has been carefully developed to provide an effective balance between teaching the proven science behind process improvement and implementing practical solutions for driving best-in-class performance in an environment that allows the participants to learn in classroom and to see how to apply in a real collision center. The size or volume of a collision center doesn’t necessarily determine success in today’s marketplace nor are they qualifications for MVP Green Belt Training. If your shop has a vision for the future—and a strong sense of urgency to prepare for it—plus a willingness to accept, change and commit to a culture of continuous process improvement, you’re an ideal candidate for MVP Green Belt Training.

Paint Shop Performance

Advancing technologies in automotive refinish products and the equipment available today positions collision centers for exceptional Paint Shop Performance. But even with the exceptional refinish products and the best equipment available, profitability in paint and materials poses some unique challenges for today’s collision centers. The MVP Paint Shop Performance class takes an in-depth look into many of the areas that influence paint shop profitability.  Participants will experience how to measure, analyze and diagnose performance of the paint shop. Once a thorough analysis is completed participants will learn how to identify areas of opportunity for improvement.

Elevating the Customer Experience

Elevating the Customer Experience provides a practical approach to customer satisfaction that will knock the socks off your customers, as well as your competition. Discover how creating “Memorable Experiences” can provide a true competitive advantage by making extraordinary customer service the centerpiece of your marketing strategy.

Participants will study the Kano Model of Customer Satisfaction and learn how to interact more effectively with multiple generations and different personality styles. Learn how to delight customers and build consumer loyalty that lasts a lifetime!

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If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near

-Jack Welch



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