A management system

Designed just for you

With the Oak Management System you are able to fully customize your inventory and its physical setup. With an organized bin part locating system and shelves labeled with part numbers and bar coding, your inventory will finally be where it should be: under your control.


Gone are the days of searching your shop for lost inventory. You are now able to analyze trends in your shop and see where the waste is going and, more importantly, how to correct it.


Rest Easy

You've worked hard.

Now let our management 

system work for you.

The lean body shop is a Profitable body shop. 
Shed the excess waste  - Contact Us Today!
In 35 yrs in the body shop industy this has been the most important decision I have ever made for my shop
- Shop Manager


Free up valuable

time & resources.

With your inventory under control you can get back to doing what you do best - running your business.  There is only so much time in a day, spend it growing and cultivating new business and focusing on the big picture items you've been forced to ignore. 

What's the big difference?


Day & Night






Progress is impossible

Without change




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